My approach

As a qualified translator and experienced project manager, I am able to offer my knowledge of translation and graphics in order to ensure the success of your projects, regardless of the language combination, the subject areas or the file formats involved.
Thanks to a vast network of specialist and experienced translators who work exclusively in their mother language, I am able to meet all your needs and adapt to your criteria.

i work according to the principle that each customer, each product and each concept is unique and that each translation should also be so.

That is why, together, we define your project from the moment the quote is drawn up. Explain all your objectives to me: type of document, communication goal, support, purpose and target of the translation, in order to help me to identify your needs and meet them to the best of my ability.
If required, prior to your first order, I can arrange a free translation test of part of your document (approximately 300 words) in order to allow you to choose your translator in advance.
approche-ml-traductions-translationTime schedules, prices, specific terminology for your field of activity, editorial instructions and details for page layout have all been agreed upon when the project is signed in order to deliver work which meets your requirements in terms of quality as well as cost.
Naturally, I am at your service to discuss linguistic choices or to have your terminological proposals validated by our professionals once the document has been delivered. It is always possible to make changes to a translation which has been delivered in order to integrate your “in-house jargon” and ensure that the final version reflects perfectly your company, your products and your concepts.

Thanks to this approach, there will be no surprises with regard to the quality of the translations and the cost of the order agreed upon at the start of the project!

Furthermore, you will only be in contact with a qualified and experienced translator with a real passion for languages, who is able to provide simple answers to any practical and technical questions you may have about the translation of your documents.
My experience is entirely at your service to provide you with personal advice and help you to perpetuate your own image and the image of your customers overseas thanks to reliable and affordable translations.

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