Series captioning or praised Fansubbing

The ATAA (Association of translators and adapters Audiovisual) and the SNAC (National Union of Authors and Composers) wished to react to the publication of the article “serial Subtitling,” written by Melanie and Mona Bourdaa Chollet, in the April 2014 issue of Le Monde Diplomatique.
Indeed, they believe that the title of this article “Subtitling series” is indicative of his mind. It refers to a line work, while writing an adaptation is a copyright work.
The editors of this text describe how appreciative the practice of “fansubbing,” whose name is registered in the Official Journal “wild subtitling.” This article is not surprising. It is the latest of several texts published in recent years in the daily or weekly press, general or specialized cinema, reflecting a craze or a fascination for academic research activity fansubbers.
But recall that the “wild captioning” is illegal. This is too quickly discharged to the article. The Intellectual Property Code prohibits the dissemination of any translation done without the consent of the author or his successors in title (Article L 122-4).
It also seems unfortunate to promote illegal sites and software concerned, accompanying a technical manual facilitating the illegal downloading of audiovisual works.
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